About Us

It all began with the love for our own two dogs. Since our two dogs Carla and Alepou came into our lives in 2015, they have incredibly enriched our lives in Berlin. At the same time, the more we became involved with design in the past few years, the stronger the desire to see our idea of aesthetics materialized in products for dogs. Being absolute dog enthusiasts, we noticed how difficult it is to find dog gear that is in perfect harmony with one's own interior and lifestyle, while at the same time taking into account aspects such as fair production.

We founded SABATCHI in 2020 with the mission to create a platform that offers a careful selection of high quality and exclusive products that combine design, functionality, quality and sustainability. We believe that the love for beautiful things should also be reflected in living with dogs.

From the very beginning, our motivation was not only to find inspiration for us, but to make that inspiration accessible to everyone. We curated a selection of design products for living with a dog, which can also be combined with each other due to their distinct style. Above all, they must meet the individual needs of modern pet owners. In addition to working with well-established manufacturers, it became a heartfelt commitment to us to also support small manufacturers and family businesses that carefully produce by hand and to give them a platform.

We strive for a modern, contemporary design in all areas. At SABATCHI we take an approach that goes beyond dog supplies, instead we focus on the interior-related lifestyle when it comes to everyday life with a dog.

We give back

We will donate a fixed part of our sales to animal welfare organizations in Europe, because animal welfare is very close to our hearts and we want to make an active contribution to improving the lives of all dogs.