The Danish design label tadazhi was founded in 2019 by Charlotte Ellegaard. As a longtime dog lover, she was inspired by her dog Tobine and his needs when she founded the company. At tadazhi, you can feel the conviction that our pups deserve the best as family members when it comes to sustainability and quality. The label's mission is always to design high-quality dog accessories that feature a timeless minimalist design, while not compromising on functionality and style. We were quickly won over not least by the color palette, which at tadazhi ranges from pastel tones to minimalist gray, as well as the high-quality materials. The dog accessories from tadazhi thus fits elegantly into a modern home and also provides on the go for a good mood with us and our fur noses.

Tadazhi questions conventional design for dog accessories and makes supposedly ordinary accessories beautiful products for the home and life with dog. All products are made with love for the dog and the home. The design convinces with timelessness, elegance and minimalism.

The focus is on natural materials that are free of harmful substances and products that are mostly made of cotton or GOTS-certified organic cotton. The goal of creating durable and timelessly beautiful accessories for dogs is to help create dog accessories that can last a dog's lifetime and, ideally, even be passed down from generation to generation.

Tadazhu is are aware that dog accessories must not only be stylish, but also functional - which is why most of tadazhi's products can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. The collection of tadazhi consists of a small but fine and growing selection of accessories, from dog beds, dog blankets, dog collars and dog leashes to dog carrier bags.