Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Whether it's a city break, a short trip, longer journeys, or simply vacationing together with your dog, the right dog accessories when traveling can make a big difference in both comfort and style. Thanks to a dog carrier or travel mat, you can always ensure your dog has a nice, comfortable place to sleep while on the road.

Dog carrier bag, travel bed or travel mat

The perfect dog carrier bag allows for stress-free travel with your dog, because it offers your pet a safe and comfortable retreat on the go. At the same time, it proves to be very convenient in everyday life with a dog, as you can take the dog everywhere thanks to a stylish dog carrier bag: both to the next vacation and to your favorite restaurant around the corner.

A travel mat for dogs should not only be made of a long-lasting and robust material, it should also be easily and quickly tucked away or have a convenient carrying handle for on the go. This way, it is also the perfect companion for daily trips or a day at the office. Whether it's in a restaurant, with friends or at a picnic in the park - your dog is always comfortable and can relax.

SABATCHI offers a selection of exclusive dog carrier bags and travel mats that meet the highest demands when traveling and are particularly stylish. Choose from travel mats with waterproof canvas material, soft bouclé wool and cooling jute fabric for summer. Our travel accessories come from the finest European manufactures like MiaCara, Labbvenn and 2.8 design for dogs, to whom design and sustainability are as important as they are to us.