MiaCara: "Better living with dogs and cats"

Sebastian and Barbara Zweig have already been pioneers with MiaCara for many years, as the family-run brand has been around in Germany since 2011. Since then, MiaCara stands for a "better living with dogs and cats" and products that always stand out with their clear design and sophisticated concept. If you are looking for functional and at the same time elegant design products for living with a dog, then MiaCara is the go-to choice.

Innovative design and high standards of functionality

MiaCara products are characterized by a timeless design and a clear language of form, fitting particularly well into a modern interior. In a sophisticated way, they can complete a home with a sense of Bauhaus aesthetics.

The function is always the focus of any product development and serves as a creative impetus. The emphasis of the MiaCara collection is on meaningful, yet elegant design products that are a synthesis of functionality and luxurious design. MiaCara works with a minimalist color palette and focuses on an innovative approach to materials and fabrics. Through all' these aspects in design, MiaCara dog accessories are timelessly beautiful, modern and durable.

MiaCara works with designers throughout Europe and has won several design awards, such as:

Exceptional quality and high quality materials

High quality in both workmanship and selected materials are MiaCara's top priorities. In terms of quality, the brand does not compromise on either.

Sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials are also among the core principles of MiaCara. Only materials that meet the demanding quality requirements are used.

Made with passion

The products of MiaCara are made with great attention to detail, primarily in Germany and Europe. All materials are selected with great care and each product is then thoroughly tested. In this way, MiaCara ensures that the best raw materials are being used. The brand works with hand-picked suppliers who are among the best in their field.