LILA LOVES IT creates its products with passion and dedication. These embody both knowledge and skills from pharmacy, veterinary expertise and certified quality at the same time.

Grooming products for dogs from natural ingredients

Particular emphasis is placed on the ingredients. LILA LOVES IT pays careful attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients used and their careful processing: lavender from Provence or rose oil from Bulgaria. All products are based on sustainable raw materials and are organically grown. A careful combination of selected ingredients is used to enhance the regenerating effect. The use of ingredients is also fully transparent, all raw materials are fully listed (INCIs) and can therefore be traced.

Free from animal testing

Of course, LILA LOVES IT products are generally not tested on animals.

Quality Guarantee

LILA LOVES IT manufactures its products according to the highest quality criteria, which are also required by the Cosmetic Products Regulation for humans, and places them under constant monitoring of their pharmacists. This ensures that the dog care is gentle and at the same time effective in order to really improve the life and well-being of our dogs.