Dog Bowls

Dog bowls

There is hardly anything that most of our dogs appreciate as much as their food bowls. At SABATCHI, you can choose from a variety of single and double bowls, as well as ceramic, clay and stainless steel bowls. While single bowls are suitable for dog owners who want to remain as flexible as possible, double bowls cover both - the food as well as drinking station - in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way.

Whether your own interior design style is minimalist, mid-century modern, classic or vintage: It is beyond any doubt to us that the dog bowls of our four-legged friends should harmoniously fit in with our interior and stylishly complement it with exceptionally high-quality materials and a timeless design.

Our dog bowls are sourced from the best European manufactures such as MiaCara, Labbvenn and The Painter's Wife, to whom design and sustainability are as important as they are to us.