Dog Beds

Dog bed, dog basket or dog sofa

Our dogs chase mice or balls day after day, follow us everywhere in our daily lives and have all sorts of sniffing tasks to do - and they deserve a comfortable dog bed to have a restful nap. In fact, dogs spend most of their day sleeping: on average, a dog sleeps and dozes off for about two-thirds of the day. Our dogs need this time to be able to properly process the experiences and impressions of the day and to be balanced during the rest of the time.

When a dog moves in to your home, selecting a dog bed is one of the things you should pay special attention to. When choosing the right place to sleep, high-quality, durable materials as well as a filling that provides sufficient support for the joints of your pet are essential. Since a dog bed should ideally last for several years while remaining stylish, it is worth investing in a high-quality product.

Relaxing sleep thanks to comfort

In addition to a high-quality cover, the quality of the filling material plays a key role. In the case of dog pillows, for example, it is advisable to rely on permanently elastic foam or mattresses with orthopedic memory effect. Thanks to their high elasticity, they always retain their shape even during long-term use and provide ideal support for the dog's joints.

Exclusive dog beds that perfectly match a stylish home

High-quality materialsnot only ensure that you can enjoy your new dog bed for as long as possible and that it fits in with your own interior and home design. They are equally important in making the sleeping spot a place of well-being for your dog. At SABATCHI we believe that the design and quality of the dog bed is as important as the furniture design in our home. Therefore, we only work with brands and labels such as MiaCara, Labbvenn and 2.8 design for dogs, which meet high standards in design and quality and produce exclusive dog accessories part of which are carefully handcrafted.

The right dog bed for your furry friend

Our dogs are very individual in terms of their needs and when it comes to where they sleep. Some may just prefer to stretch out, while others love to snuggle in and like to have a stable edge to rest their head comfortably. Then again other dogs like to lie in a slightly elevated position and thus have a better view of everyday happenings. Of course, all brands represented at SABATCHI offer different sizes of their dog bed models. It is important to make sure that not only the shape of the sleeping spot fits the personality of your own dog, but also the overall length and width give him the opportunity to fully stretch out.

SABATCHI offers a variety of different sleeping places from dog baskets to dog sofas and dog pillows, which are a perfect addition to your own home. We do not compromise on design, quality and sustainability and set high standards for our product selection.