Dog Collars

Dog collars

The dog collar is an all-time classic. It is a piece of clothing, functional item and fashion accessory all at once. At SABATCHI, we make sure that our products exceed all of these three demands in every aspect.

Dog collars made of classic and high-quality materials such as leather and cotton are particularly popular, with a large part of the fasteners being made of brass. Leather is an important material for high-quality dog collars. It is not only a sustainable natural material, but also one of the purest materials of all, one from which our designers can always draw new facets. It is tear-proof, durable and yet comfortable for your dog to wear.

Our dog collars come from the best European manufactures such as Molly & Stitch, Buddys Dogwear and MiaCara, to whom design and sustainability are as important as they are to us.