2.8 design for dogs

Duepuntootto, Italian for "2. 8", stands for beautifully designed and high quality products for living with a dog, which are completely made in Italy. Photographer Anna Bussolotto founded the label back in 2016, when she was looking for beautiful yet functional dog accessories for her two beloved dachshunds, Quintale and Hermione. She intended the products to match her sophisticated interior design style and reflect her own aspirations for aesthetics. Duepuntootto was born - and offers dog lovers selected dog products for everyday life, always convincing with their elegant design and a touch of luxury since then.

Natural materials, craftsmanship and sleek design

Duepuntootto manages to balance elegance and tradition in a particularly beautiful way. In a family-run manufactory in Tuscany, each item is carefully handmade. The label stands for Italian craftsmanship with a high demand for style and aesthetics and relies on high-quality materials that leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. It is part of the philosophy to treat both materials and resources respectfully, as well as those who work with them and use them later - because a respectful approach to our environment is important to the label.

The heart of Duepuntootto lies in Tuscany: this part of Italy is not only bursting with a wealth of art, culture, history and a unique landscape, it is also here that the heritage of craftsmanship and manual labor can be felt in a special way. Therefore, it was a logical step for Anna Bussolotto to choose Tuscany for the hub of her production. For her, Made in Italy is more than a label - it stands for beauty, elegance, craftsmanship and quality, and a conscious lifestyle.

Each and every Duepuntootto product is the result of extensive research and elaborate handmade manufacturing. Located in the heart of Italy, it is produced exclusively with materials and textiles of a particularly high quality. The dog beds and dog pillows with the finest Italian wool are among the most unique products to us and they will make pets even with the highest demands perfectly happy.